Grace June Council Update

Greetings and salutations from Church Council! As always, so much going on and no doubt you have been seeing the activity. There are several issues still at hand all being worked on simultaneously. Pastor and the staff have been the primary drivers of this progress, so many, many kudos to them as always.
  • Ramping up for the next Rebuilding...
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May Grace Council Update

There are many things that have happened since February: Pastor Dustin has begun work in Crystal Lake, a call committee has formed and a congregational meeting has taken place. All of the issues on which we've been working have run concurrently and many thanks go to each of the staff and our church leadership for...
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Grace Council Update – August

Grace Congregation, A lot has happened since the last time the council met in June: Fine Arts Camp, Vacation Bible School and Backyard Bible School... Amanda Monroe has joined us as our Christian Education Coordinator and the Preschool has been remodeled. Preschool Renovations

Many thanks to the numerous volunteers and to Paul Humphries and crew for...

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