Finr Arts Camp 2018 Online Registration

The following registration form and payment can be printed and brought in on the first day of camp, Monday, July 9.


God’s Wonderful World

July 9th-13th

9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

 $20.00 paper registration $5.00 off online

* Scholarships Available *





We will update this when information is available


HOW DID GRACE LOVES PARK START FINE ARTS CAMP? Read below to learn more about our history!!!

  Fine Arts Camp, formally known as GLISS (Grace Lutheran Super Singers) has been a part of Grace Church for the past twelve years.  Starting out as a choir to give the kids a chance to sing it has evolved into a week-long event which explores all of the creative arts; thus the reason it is now called Fine Arts Camp. The purpose of Fine Arts Camp is to educate children ages 3-11 about the fine arts (dance, theater, music and art) through hands-on learning while incorporating elements of faith-based practices.

Anyone is invited to attend or assist!  We canvass the neighborhood, invite Friday Fun Fest kids, the Pre-school and the Life School kids at Grace, but all are welcome. Anyone who is interested may contact the church office for more information!