A Letter to Our Preschool Families

Preschool Families,

We wanted to say thank you for another wonderful year at Grace Lutheran Preschool! Throughout the year, we have had the opportunity to see your children learn and grow. It fills our hearts with joy that you’ve allowed Grace Lutheran Preschool to be the first to educate your children. We sincerely enjoy having your family as a part of our church for this last year and welcome you to share their successes as they grow.

We would be remiss if we didn’t say thank you to the wonderful teachers and aides of the Preschool. Without them, the Preschool would not have the longevity and the success they see today. We know how much they care for the children and couldn’t be more proud to call them our own.

It was certainly heartwarming to see both the Nursery and the Preschool students at their ceremonies and all of the support from their families! It was a fun and lively two nights and we wish you and your family a fun summer.

Please feel free to share any photos of the ceremony with us. We’d love to see the pictures that mean the most to you.


Grace Loves Park