Grace Church Council – Update

We’ve received feedback that as a council we should post our meeting minutes or a summary of how the meeting went in the spirit of better communication.
Please check the “Council” page to see the official minutes.

More recently, we met on June 2nd with the consultant, Scott Boren. He went through his process in ascertaining where we are as a congregation and how he will be getting back with us after he completes his report. You may have seen him around the church on May 31st.

In about two to three weeks, he will submit a report with his findings about Grace’s culture and how we perceive ourselves, where he thinks we are as a church and some action items in moving us forward together in Christ’s mission.
As a council, we look forward to understanding his thoughts and will forward them as soon as we get them.

Please feel free to look over his report and get involved with the conversation as we come together as a family and as a community.
We are genuinely excited about the conversation it will generate and pray it will bring us together in the most positive way.

In Christ,

Drew Hall