Grace June Council Update

Greetings and salutations from Church Council!

As always, so much going on and no doubt you have been seeing the activity.

There are several issues still at hand all being worked on simultaneously. Pastor and the staff have been the primary drivers of this progress, so many, many kudos to them as always.

  • Ramping up for the next Rebuilding Grace campaign
  • 2015 Golf Play Day
  • Transition from Chris to Amanda on the Youth Programming
  • Search for Associate Pastor
  • Combining the Preschool and the church from a legal perspective
  • Chris & Katie’s last month at Grace

The combined Council-Preschool board task force has met several times and is preparing the new Preschool Committee bylaws. Once complete, there will be a congregational informational meeting to outline the rest of the process as there will be a congregational vote on the officers of the Preschool Committee (formerly known as the Preschool Board), the formation of the legal entity of the preschool and any amendments to our Church Constitution that must allow for the formation of the Preschool itself.

Thanks to Sue, Mary and Jeanine for all of their hard work in helping us understand the preschool and how we best fit this into the church’s structure. They’ve worked extra-hard on catching us up to speed.

Fred Hasse has been working hard on our 2015 Golf Playday that will benefit youth programming.

Pastor had updated the church recently on the search for the new associate pastor. No news, as of yet.

We’re confident that Chris and Amanda’s work has given us the best opportunity for a smooth transition. Many thanks to both of them for their hard work over the recent months.

Dan Jacobson (Council President), Joel Foss (Councilmember – Grounds & Facilities), Pastor Dahlseng and Paul Humphries are working towards finalizing plans. Updates to come.

Finally, Chris and Katie are in their final days here at Grace. Chris’ last sermon is 6/28 and Katie is finishing up her duties in the office. She recently helped Pastor put together a list of skills that will be most helpful in the search for her replacement.

Thank you to both Katie and Chris for many years of service to Grace and to our community. We will surely miss them as they move into the next chapter of their lives of service. God Bless!