The Missions and Ministry (M&M) Campaign at Grace Lutheran Church consists of two major components. One is an effort to identify and honor the ways in which our members use their gifts to give back to the church and the community. These gifts include music, teaching, distributing food, and ushering to name a few. Members are encouraged to share their gifts of time and talent as representatives of Grace as well as the gifts they may give in areas not related to Grace. Highlighting these gifts serves as an inspiration to other members of Grace to find an area where their gifts can be utilized.

This leads to the second component of the M&M Campaign — encouraging more people to get involved and share their time and talent. The message is that everybody has a talent that can make a difference. Not everybody is a great musician or a gifted teacher, but everybody has skills that can help improve the lives of others.

What’s your M&M? 

To find yours, feel free to take a look at the Events page and what’s going on at Grace, the Fun & Fellowship page, the Youth & Family Page, or the Sundays page to see what things you might find interesting.

The cool thing about Grace is that almost everything here is an M&M. So if there’s something of interest, please feel free to join us. Not sure where to start? Fill out the form below with your interests and someone will help you find your M&M.

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