The Knit and Pray Girlfriend Group has been meeting since October 2004.   We meet the first Monday of every month from October to May,  in Founder’s Hall at 12:00 p.m.  We knit our prayers in the items we gift to different organizations, i.e., Cancer units, grade schools, and the Rescue Mission; just to name a few.

This year we would like to focus on making lap robes for our shut-ins at Grace Lutheran Church.  Here is where we need your help.  We have a stash of yarn to use and we need all needles knitting and praying.

If you do not knit, crocheting is great too!  Please come to one of our meetings.  If you don’t knit, please come and learn -knit one, purl one.

We invite all ladies who would like to learn to knit.  We share stories,  concerns, and support one another in prayer.

Our threads of yarn have woven us together in God’s love.  Join us anytime as we
are knitted together in Love!

Contact Sandra Knorr or call 815 885-3264.