The Discipleship Team believes the stories of faith need to be shared with children from birth.  The first three years of a child’s life are an important time for this formation.

The Discipleship Team also acknowledges because of three services the congregation does not always know when baptisms are happening but they still want to support those being baptized.  One of the ways we do this as a congregation is through the Splash!  newsletter.  This newsletter is described by Augsburg Fortress as:

Monthly newsletters that support families. Each issue of Parent Pages helps families incorporate faith formation into the events of daily life. Families will love the lively, engaging ways to enjoy Bible stories, prayer, worship, and devotion times with their young children. Because none of the activities require elaborate preparations or materials, families can try out ideas from the Parent Pages during everyday activities.

On Sundays when baptisms occur we lift up those in prayer coming for this God given gift into the family of Christ.  While also asking the congregation to help support the newly baptized by providing Splash! for families through the giving of a second offering.