Here is the scoop on 9 AM Adult Sunday School:
This has been going for years with different teachers or leaders. Lisa Short was a leader for a while and then she left Grace to help out GPS when Pastor Robb was on sabbatical. For the last two years, Anne-Marie Kuchinski, Cyndy (Petticrew) and I (John Petticrew) have been the leaders. We use a team approach and its worked out well. Usually we are all three there but one is picked to lead for the week.¬†Anyone is invited to lead the discussion if they’re comfortable!
Last year, we did the Story along with the other small groups and the church as a whole. This year we started out with a Bible study on the book of Revelation and then put it on hold as we participated with the whole church in the 50 Day Adventure. As the 50 Day Adventure wraps up, we will then go back to our study on Revelation. The study of Revelation will wrap up in February and then we will do the Animate series “The Bible”. We are open for suggestions on future topics and next year is completely unplanned so far.
Due to the downstairs remodeling we are in a new room this year. We are right behind the pop machine! Our attendance fluctuates from week to week from 7 to 14 but we always have room for more. All are welcome to come and join us. So please come and try out adult Sunday School in the basement behind the pop machine!
John Petticrew
Matthew 13:8 Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold…